Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Many are called... - TheChosenFlock

few are chosen.


Chandra basically wants to be an elite socialite. She's comes off bitchy but it's more of a self defense mechanism. She recently befriended Alondra.


Alondra is an aspiring singer who, inspired by Finn, seeks to joing the HoO and use their resources and connections to reach fame.


Betsy is someone who would be the poster child for the HoO. She had some rough times until she found the HoO. Her sister recently was accepted to the exclusive HoO summer camp.


Liandra (lostgrl17) who is someone who just hasn't found her place or where she fits in yet.

She is generally lost about where she fits in but is committed to her faith and uses it as her anchor to keep from drifting away.


Alessandra(horrorlass) loves horror movies, is very smart but not very motivated. She's being pulled by 2 opposing forces the HoO and her friend and former partner in crime is Cynthia(CynnamonDolce.)